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The fastest, smartest money you can get.

Solcredit is your personal answer, if you want to know how to get money fast. Using our unique software, we help clients get the cash they need with just a few clicks. There is a whole marketplace out there for short-term loans and fast credit, and we will navigate it for you. You’ll get the best deals available from the leading loan providers on the market, and all within 24 hours, even if you have bad credit!

Solcredit gives you the best results for the least time and effort.

Why is Solcredit the best choice for you?

  • Flexibility: You choose how much you want to borrow, and for how long.
  • Money-saver: We will find the most reputable credit institutions, and present you with the best credit options for you personally.
  • Time-saver: The process is 100% online. No waiting, no collateral, no payroll verification, and no paperwork.
  • Technology: We will find money for you with incredible speed, privacy, and security, using the most modern software and tools available anywhere. And you can apply from your cell or tablet!
  • No hidden fees: Our service is completely transparent. Completely. You will see the full cost of your small loan before you even submit your request.
  • Answer in 15 minutes: Once you have confirmed the best option, just submit your request!

It's amazingly fast and easy!

Don't let money get you down. We will help you make the smartest choice.

Apply now for a small loan online, and sit back and relax...we'll do the rest for you.


We will do all the searching for you, for free. This is our commitment to you. All you have to do to apply for a short-term loan is meet certain criteria: you need to be between the ages of 18 and 80, live in the Continental United States, have an account with a major bank, and be able to provide your e-mail address, cell phone number, and state ID and SSN.

Best Practices

Solcredit operates in a professional and responsible manner in offering the best online personal loan search and comparison service in the United States of America.

Why us?

Our short-term loan service is a search engine that guarantees you will be provided with the best offers available, considering the personalized needs of our individual clients. Our services are free for everyone. Even if you are unemployed, a student, or just need extra cash in an emergency, we understand your need for credit. Our service is quick, absolutely private and secure, and uses only the most reliable loan providers on the market.

Personal Loans

A personal loan lets you design your own loan, your own way. This means that you decide how much you need, and how long you need it for, and we will find you the best offers available. We guarantee a high rate of acceptance without requiring proof of employment or a credit check. And to top it all off, everything is 100% online. Solcredit will help you get your money just as fast as you need it.

Short-Term Loans

If this is your first time using our services, you can apply for your short-term loan online, completely free of interest, and enjoy the highest acceptance rates possible. When you ask for money with Solcredit, you’ll get your answer in just 15 minutes, and your cash will be available to you in your bank account in less than 24 hours.

Bad Credit Loans

You can quickly apply for your loan even if you have a bad credit history. Get your cash as quickly as you need it, and keep it as long as you want. The process is 100% online, which means you don’t need to leave your home. Just use any device with an Internet connection, be it your computer, cell phone or tablet.



Solcredit does exactly what it says it does, it got me the best offer available. I don't know what else to say. I am more than pleased.


Thanks guys, keep up the good work! I always come back to you every time I need help.


I would definitely recommend you to my friends and family. I would also like to say thank you, Solcredit! You are the best on the market.

About our service

Solcredit is a brand that belongs to FIIZY Ltd. Registration number: 12694462, address: Toom-Kooli 1, Tallinn, 10130, Estonia.

Solcredit offers the service of providing clients with the choice of the best personalized loans as a result of searching for and comparing loans from the most successful and reputable loan providers of the United States of America. We do not promote or have any preference for any loan provider.

Once the application has been made, the lender performs an analysis of the order. The processing and grant period depends on each institution individually. Submitting a request for a financial advance through Solcredit is not a guarantee of its acceptance. All information on our website is informative only.

We handle the personal data of our clients with absolute confidentiality, privacy and security, according to current legislation. For more details, visit our Privacy Policy page.

Applicable legislation and customer information

Solcredit fully abides by the legislation in force in the United States of America. Prior to the loan application being processed, the client will be informed of the general conditions of our service.

Administration fees (APR)

Full transparency is one of our core values, and Solcredit informs you about all expenses related to your online personal loan. Before confirming your credit application, all the costs of the loan provider are shown to you in a clear and simple manner.

Administration fees are determined via APR (Annual Percentage Rate). That rate may change according to your loan amount and the repayment period you select.

For example, for a loan of $100 with a repayment period of 60 days, the fees and interest will be $0, and the total amount to be returned will be $100 with an APR of 0%.

Renewal and breach of contract policy

Before applying for a personal loan, we want you to be certain that you can repay it on time and in the manner agreed on with your lender. We emphasize once more that all your financial responsibilities, including negotiating terms and amounts, must be made directly with the lender that has made you a loan offer.

Delayed payments

Solcredit strongly recommends that you always make your payments on time. If for some reason you are not able to make a payment on time, please bear in mind that each lender has its own regulations regarding payments and interest. Any delay in payment could result in extra fees and/or a higher interest rate. Most lenders will contact you privately to arrange a payment schedule, but we suggest that you contact your lender the moment you think that you will be late with your payment. If you do not do this, it could affect your credit history.

Consequences of non-payment of loans

Just as we have advised you about delayed payments and contacting your lender immediately if you suspect you cannot make a payment on time, we urge you to do the same if you suspect you will not be able to repay a loan at all. Lenders may charge a late payment penalty of anywhere from $14 to $1,400, and this amount varies among lenders. We ask that you read the Terms and Conditions of your personal loan agreement with great care and attention, in order to know all the information you need.

Loan extension policy

If you would like to extend the term of your personal loan, you must contact your lender before the end of your current credit period. Typically, lenders will charge the same interest and fees for another month based on the entirety of the debt. In case of non-payment, an extension can be automatic and more interest and/or fees may be added to your outstanding balance.