We are proud to have served thousands of satisfied clients, and we continuously work for their best interests. Solcredit has been chosen time and again by our clients because we provide an insightful service of finding loan offers and in turn helping to solve any urgent liquidity problems they might have. In order to continue to be of benefit for our clients, we closely follow the Commitment below.

Solvency Assessment

Solcredit provides offers for clients after searching for them from reputable online loan providers based on the information provided by clients themselves. Once a client has submitted a request and been accepted, the lender will confirm the order. Please bear in mind that the loan provider might perform a credit check of the client at their own initiative. As there is no absolute certainty that a loan will be granted, the lender is only mitigating its own risks via that analysis. Factors that might prevent a positive answer for a loan request would be not paying off other loans in the past or previous financial difficulties. Although such situations are indeed rare, as we assist clients in acquiring loans for all their needs, such rejection of a loan request might happen, and it might be irreversible.

Cost of Using Solcredit

Our service is completely free. Our mission is to advise clients looking for loans by offering them fast and advantageous solutions to any financial needs they may have. Solcredit searches for loan offers, and the entire process is done safely, quickly and very conveniently, as it is 100% online from start to finish. We would like to emphasize once more that all of Solcredit's service is free of charge. Any and all payments must be made to the loan provider chosen by you.


We pride ourselves in our commitment both to absolute transparency, and of course to the client. With our service, you will always know the total amount of any loans before you accept. There are no hidden fees or fine print with our service. Any fees that lenders require are clearly stated in a straightforward and simple manner. With all the information you need in your hands, you can make a decisive and well-considered decision. Remember, there will never be any extra expenses or commission provided you comply with the payments you have agreed upon with the entity whose loan offer you have accepted.

We remind you that all services offered by Solcredit are free. Any and all payments must be made to the financial institution you have chosen.

Security and Confidentiality

Don't worry, Solcredit will help you, so you can relax. Not only do we provide the best service for enjoying advantageous conditions for fast loans, but you can also rest assured that your data is treated with the utmost privacy, respect, and security. If you would still like more information, please refer to our Privacy Policy page.

In addition to security, the entire Solcredit process is absolutely confidential. Even before posting a client’s Testimonial, for example, we will politely ask that client for their permission to publish their name, photo and commentary. We will never do anything with your personal information that you have not consented to or that is not required by law.

You can use your small loan for whatever you want or need. At the end of the submission form, however, we will still ask that you state the reason for requesting the loan. This will not affect your process or the decision you will receive in any way, it simply helps us understand our clients better so we can continue to improve our service even more. Our goal in doing this is to be able to help you solve these most frequent financial inconveniences.

To learn more about how Solcredit’s service works, see the How Can We Help? section.

Customer Service

As part of our commitment to offering you the best service, we have a veritable Dream Team for our customer service team, who exists only to help you. Send us messages or feedback any time. We are available to you Monday to Friday, 10:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. We will do our best to answer your question or resolve any problems within.

You can save some time by looking into our Help section, where we have answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Responsible Use

We would like to remind you that requesting a fast, small loan is a serious commitment, and the decision to take one should not be taken lightly. Our goal is for the entire process of your request to be quiet, fast, and hassle-free. This is precisely why we value complete transparency so highly, so you know the most essential information. We also greatly value our software, which does all of the searching and comparing for you in such a fast and safe manner. In addition to providing financial advice as part of our service, our website also helps you find information on how to make the most responsible use of your loan. Request a loan only if you are certain that you will be able to meet the obligations you agree to with the lender whose offer you have accepted. If you do not know the risks associated with non-payment, you can learn about them in our Help section. Otherwise, if you have excellent financial habits and can honor any commitments you make to lenders, you will be rewarded with significant advantages.