Solcredit is a free, online service that searches banks and lenders for personal loans that fit your needs.

Using our state-of-the-art software coupled with the information you give us, we search reputable financial institutions in order to find a loan that can work you. We kindly ask that before submitting a request for a loan you take into account that requesting a loan is a serious commitment and responsibility, and you will have to carefully decide if you are going to be able to make your payments on time and in the correct manner. For more detailed information on this process, go to How Can We Help?

Yes. Solcredit only uses your information to conduct a quick search and match you with possible lending partners. If you want to know how your personal data is used, see the Privacy Policy section.

From $300 to $1,500.

Nothing! Submitting a request for pre-qualified rates on Solcredit is entirely free.

This varies based on your personal information as well as the rates that each of our respective lenders offers.

Yes, you can provide a landline number instead.

Yes. If your financing request is granted, the lender will need an account where your requested funds can be deposited.

Yes. We partner with some lenders that can approve individuals that rent their homes.

Yes. To request a pre-qualified online you need to have proof of income. Lenders typically want to be certain that you have a source of income to ensure that you can meet your obligations.

No. Solcredit does not partner with any lenders that offer small business loans.

Not at all. We would like to know your reason, but this is only so we can improve our service and better help you.

Yes! We partner with a variety of lending partners, all of which with different parameters for loan approval.

Solcredit's service consists of connecting the client with a lender that can provide the loan they need. The process of analysis and approval of your request is made by the lender. Each of them in turn has its own acceptance process.

A lender might analyze your credit history, request a credit check, and look you up in a credit reporting agency.

If your state regulations allow it, you can request as many loans through Solcredit as you like. Approval is granted by lenders; we cannot say with certainty if or when you will receive any money.

However, we do guarantee that the requesting process is as fast as possible. It should never be more than one business day.

Our services are always available, and you can request a new loan the same way as with the first.

The date you need to pay your loan will be set by the Lender. Before confirming your request, we kindly ask you to carefully read the contractual terms of the lender that has made you an offer. Solcredit is not responsible for any breach of contract.

If you need an extension, you should contact your lender. Please keep in mind that an extension on your loan might incur additional fees or penalties.

Before confirming your financing request with a lender that has made an offer, carefully read the contractual obligations regarding delay or default of payment.

It varies for each lender, but defaulting on your loan might result in your name being reported to a credit reporting agency, a collection agency could be contacted, or other legal actions could be taken to collect payment.

If you are unable to repay your loan, you should inform your lender as soon as possible in order to minimize damage and avoid penalties.


Each lender we work with has their own process and will send you all the information you need to make payments accordingly.

Repaying a loan can often be done by direct transfer, credit or debit card, or another format offered by the lender. Keep in touch with your lender and make payments on the correct dates to avoid any extra fees.


For being able to see, obtain and delete your data which you have provided to us, please log in to your account using your log in credentials. Once you are logged in, you can easily see, download or delete your data.