How can we help?

Everyone from time to time needs a little extra cash to make ends meet. That's just one of life's givens. But when it happens, you want to make the best, smartest choice, and sometimes it can seem pretty hard to do that. There are so many offers, from so many lenders, all with so many different interest rates and special conditions. And of course you want to protect yourself, and your family. That's what Solcredit is here for, to help you relax. We'll find the money for you.

We will search for a reputable credit institution with our unique software, which should be able to provide you with a loan offer. Whether you're on a cell or tablet, we will attempt to quickly find a loan offer for you, with absolute privacy and security. Our service is 100% online. No waiting, no collateral, no payroll verification, and no paperwork.

And our service is completely free!

What do you need to request a loan?

  • You need to be between the ages of 18 and 80.
  • You need to reside in the Continental United States.
  • You need to have an account with a major bank.
  • You need to be able to provide your name, date of birth, e-mail address, cell phone number, and state ID and SSN.

How can we help?

Follow these four super easy steps to get the money you need fast:

1. Choose how much cash you need.

How much do you need? This part's easy: the first time you use our services, you can request a loan from $300 to $1,500.

2. Send your request.

Fill out the form. 100% online, without any extra paperwork.

3. Fast Response.

Solcredit does all the heavy lifting for you. Our software will try to find you a loan offer quickly, and then show you a result that conforms to your criteria. Whether or not you accept the loan offer is entirely up to you, but if you do accept it, you should receive a response from the lender in very little time.

4. Get your money.

It really is that simple: you get your money, and you enjoy it. Getting your cash the first time can sometimes take a little bit of time, but you will get it as fast as possible. However, if you are already a Solcredit client, you could receive your money much more quickly. If you would like to read more, then please visit our Help page.


We pride ourselves in our commitment to full transparency with our clients. When using our service, you will see the full cost of your small loan before you even accept the offer from the lender. There are no hidden fees, no additional costs. And there never will be, provided that you meet the obligations you agree to with your lender. Either way, Solcredit would never get anything from any sort of penalty or late fees. Solcredit does receive a fee from your lender for connecting you.

Interest rates

Interest rates vary from person to person, and you can only be informed what yours are once you have submitted a request. Different lenders have different rates of course, which is why our service helps find a convenient one for you.

This is part of our policy of full transparency: you can only confirm your loan request once you know how much cash you need, how long you need it for, what your interest rates are and, finally, the full value of your small loan. There are no surprises.

How to repay your loan

The credit institution that has agreed to grant your loan will explain the whole repayment process to you: how, when, and where. If you make your payments on time, you will not be charged any additional fees that were not agreed on in your initial request for a loan. Repaying your small loan is every bit as private as acquiring it. We would also like to emphasize that Solcredit’s service is free of charge. Any and all payments must be made to the credit institution that has granted you a loan.

Breach of contract

While getting an online loan is easy, it is also a serious commitment that you should plan well. Getting an online loan if you are not certain that you can repay it without problems is not worth the risk. If it is your belief that this might not be possible, please do not make a request yet. We want all of our clients to benefit from our services. If you borrow money from a lender and fail to repay it on time or in the correct manner, this could result in additional charges from the lender. Deferment of repaying a loan can also result in further charges, even if these are not considered breach of contract. This in turn could cause the cost of your small loan to be recalculated. If this does happen to you, we strongly recommend contacting your lender immediately to agree to a payment plan. This could help avoid possible further default interest and fees. Clients should also keep in mind that depending on the conditions of compliance with the loan agreement, online credit institutions might be willing to offer more money under better conditions.